Getting Started

Coin Name Coin Symbol Coin Algorithm Stratum Host Stratum Ports & Diff
belacoin BELA scrypt Port: 3032, Diff: 32

CPU Mining Instructions

CPU mining takes only 5 - 10 minutes to set up, and you can do it from your desktop or laptop computer without any extra equipment. It is less powerful than GPU miners, but it's a great, easy way to get started with mining.

CPU Miner (Windows)

A BELA Wallet
First, you're going to need a Belacoin wallet so you can receive your share of Belacoin that the pool mines. Choose one below. Coinomi is easier, but the desktop wallet has more features.
Coinomi Web Wallet: Coinomi is easy to use and allows you to store multiple altcoins. However, Coinomi is currently limited to only Android devices.
The Desktop Wallet: The Desktop wallet was most recently updated in June, 2017. Desktop wallets are a secure way to store your coins since you control your own private keys.
The Software
To mine Belacoin with your computer, you need to install CPU miner software. Follow the steps below:
1) Install CPUMiner
2) Create a new folder on your desktop and name it belaminer
3) Open the folder called belaminer, and transfer the contents of CPUMiner to the belaminer folder.

These are the 4 files within CPUMiner that need to be transfered to your belaminer folder:
  • libcurl-4.dll
  • libwinpthread-1.dll
  • minerd.exe
  • zlib1.dll
The Batch File
To connect your mining software to the Belacoin pool, you have to create a very simple script.
1) Open Notepad or another text editor (but not Microsoft Word)
2)Copy and paste this text into your text editor

start "C:\cpuminer" minerd.exe --url stratum+tcp:// -a scrypt --userpass youraddresshere:x
3) Replace youraddresshere with your Belacoin address. Do not change the :x
4)Save the file as belaminer.bat inside your belaminer folder. Now, these are the files that should show within your belaminer folder:
  • belaminer.bat
  • libcurl-4.dll
  • libwinpthread-1.dll
  • minerd.exe
  • zlib1.dll
Start the Miner
To start your miner, click the file called belaminer.bat.
This should open up a window with the title C:\cpuminer. Wait a few seconds, and if you see it showing things like threads and hashes, you're mining!
Now, check the homepage. You should see your address and miner under the Belacoin Stats section. Whenever the pool finds a block, you will receive a share of it proportionate to the power that your miner contributes to the pool.

CPU Miner (Mac)

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